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This FAQ will help you understand more about International Train The Trainer Program and solve some of your most frequently asked queries :



Q: Is 4 day International Train The Trainer program adequate for me to become a successful trainer?


A: This 4 days International Train The Trainer is adequate for you to become a successful trainer, provided you follow the learning and its applications in your workplace and personal self.


Q: What is the accreditation for the course and what is the validity?


A: Our certificate is accredited by ISO 29990:2010 and it is valid for lifetime.


Q: What is the eligibility criteria to attend International Train The Trainer program?


A: Require minimum 2 years of experience in the Managerial role and above.


Q: I am a particular skilled professional, do I need to do this?


A: Yes, you should attend, this program is not restricted to a specific field or industry. The program enhances your leadership qualities, decision-making ability, DNA rewriting, harness subconscious, accelerated career growth to name a few.


Q: How will this program help me as a trainer/freelancer?


A: One learns new techniques of training and also to market themselves and start developing their own personal brand. Participants are trained on developing world-class content and sessions of there own, so they become more confident to pursue future opportunities.


Q: What kind of post training support do you provide?


A: After the program, the participant will get $200 (₹19,500) worth Train the Trainer content, customised videos of sessions conducted by himself/herself for marketing. The participants will be guided on the marketing and branding aspects and will be eligible for Master Train The Trainer Program.


Q: Why is Peopleist India is My best option for International Train The Trainer?


A: Peopleist is the only company which provides an International certificate in Train the Trainer, after rigorous research we came up with a customised approach which is result oriented and focused on implementation of ideas and thoughts. The program is powered by neuroscience, harnessing subconscious, DNA rewriting etc to name a few and its implementation in the business.


Q: What kind of opportunities can I expect after I am certified by Peopleist India?


A: During this program, the participants will undergo immense self-transition which gets them to unleash their best self. Program add charisma to your personality and boost your career opportunity from a manager to leader, leader to thought leader, thought leader to industry icon. One can start their career in training, freelancer, coach to name a few.


Q: What is the certification process of International Train The Trainer?


A: This is 4 days training program, in the first 2 days participants will undergo the rigorous training and for the next 2 days, they have to complete their assignment and prepare a session which they will be presenting to the other participants for delivery. On the basis of training delivery and content the trainer will assess the participant, and on the positive assessment, the certificate will be awarded in the champagne ceremony.


Q: Will everybody get the International Train The Trainer certification?


A: No, only the participants who will be positively assessed by the trainer will be awarded the certificates.


Q: Can I buy Peopleist India’s International Train The Trainer modules?


A: The participants will get the copy of the module absolutely free, but as the modules and the program are copyright to Peopleist India, any commercial use of it will incur charges and any non-compliance may result in legal action of copyright violation.


Q: If I will be late for my course or session. Am I still allowed to take the session?


A: No, any late comers will not be entertained.



Q: How do I reserve my seat?


A: Please click on the link, submit your details and fill the questionnaire. You will get the confirmation mail after the successful assessment of questionnaire.


Q: Will I get any discount if I want to attend only 2 days of International Train The Trainer?    


A: No, as it’s a one-time fee there is no discount given to attending the session for 2 days.


Q: Do you have a refund policy on cancellation?


A: Yes, you will get the refund on cancellation before 5th January 2017. On www.peopleistindia/trainthetrainer you will have  withdrawal option fill your details  and  the request will come to us the refund will only entertain till 5th January 2017 post to which the refund will not be considered you will have  withdrawal option fill your details  and  the request will come to us the refund will only entertain till 5th January 2017 post to which the refund will not be considered


Q: I made a payment but I didn't receive any confirmation mail?


A: For any such communication issues, you can get back us under contact us link and call or mail on the mentioned information.


Q: If the program is full, does Peopleist India have a waitlist policy?


A: Yes, if the program is full we will accommodate the other participants in our next upcoming sessions.


Session Plan


Q: What time will the session start and end?


A: It will start sharp at 0900 hrs and end at 1800 hrs for all 3 days. On the 4th day, there is a champagne certificate ceremony from 1700 hrs till 1900 hrs.


Q: What topics do you cover in this program?


A: All the topics are available in under agenda section, if still not clear then you are welcome to mail on the mentioned mail id on the website.


Q: What we will do in those 4 days?


A: This 4 days training is designed from the result based approach, it includes world-class content, high-performance delivery, a lot of activities, Ice-breakers, assignments and homework, specific time guidelines, Group discussions,  team collaboration, participant’s sessions and guidelines to name a few.


Q: Is there any specific dress code required?


A: Dress code is strict Formals. Participant not adhering the uniform code will not be allowed to participate.


Q: Do we need to carry laptops as well?


A: No laptop is required for the 1st 2 days but for 3rd and 4th laptop is essential.


Q: What if the weather is really bad, will the program be cancelled?


A: No, the program will not get cancelled in such conditions. If in case due to any natural calamity the program will be rescheduled but will not be cancelled.


Q: What are the guidelines for this Training?    


A: The participants should reach on time, get involved in the activities, follow the learning attributes, complete the assignments on time and yes most importantly SMILE :-).


Q: What will happen to those who fail to get the certificate?    


A: The participant will be given minimum 3 more chances after the session to get the certificate where a participant can record the assignment and share with the trainer. If the trainer assesses him/her positively the certificate will be awarded. But if the participant fails in all the 3 attempts then he/she have to enrol again for International Train The Trainer.


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