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Peopleist Leadership Training
Employee Engagement Surveys

The engagement surveys is used to measure the engagement level of your employees. Measuring the key drivers of engagement within your organisation will allow you to assess whether your employees are engaged or disengaged. While there are no standard drivers of engagement, some commonly assessed factors are advancement, recognition, pay & benefits, job role, training & development opportunities, leadership, work environment, etc.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

If you can discover what drives satisfaction among your already committed loyalists, you have a way to see what's working for these employees and can build on these strengths and apply them throughout your organization.

Peopleist Sales Training
Peopleist Service Excellence Training
Employee Opinion Surveys

Often an essential component of organisational training and development, employee opinion surveys provide a picture of your organisation's needs. These surveys can be used to solicit employee opinions on a variety of issues such as the company's success in communicating its mission to employees, or local issues such as quality of the working environment. 

Engagement Survey
Satisfaction Survey
Opinion Survey
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