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Sales force Effectiveness

Turn your sales force into trusted advisors by empowering them, which make them more effective in less time and proves to be the key to maximising results.

Sales Training

"Great Salespeople Are Born, but Great Sales Forces Are Made"


Today’s big company sales organisations often consist of thousands of people spread across vast geographies. To boost the effectiveness of these far-flung organisations, we help build necessary skills in the organisation by providing innovative, hands-on programs that include performance dialogues and a “field and forum” approach for sales managers that combines classroom and on-the-job learning. This component is critical in achieving sustained improvement.

A rapid transformation program helps the dispersed sales force of a direct-services company make an effective sales force increasing the sales performance by more than 10 percent.

We help sales teams deliver superior sales performance through our highly targeted sales training programs designed to cover the following:

Strategic planningDevelop sales strategies, market segmentation, and sales processes that support the business strategy.

OrganisationAlign the sales force structure with channel partners, and leverage sales force resources to improve performance.


Motivation: Develop quotas, compensation plans, and performance management systems to reinforce and reward selling behaviours that achieve sales goals.


Support: Deploy tactical tools, develop processes, and provide training and reinforcement to stimulate sales force adoption.


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