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Sales Up


For companies focused on growth, one of the biggest opportunities is making sales more productive. When a company’s sales channels realize their full potential, they not only boost revenue and share but create a high performance organization pulling together for breakthrough financial results.

Sales Up Consulting

A well-structured sales strategy enables sales force to focus on real business opportunities, effectively improving sales performance, and simultaneously reducing the cost of sale.


There we help growth oriented businesses realise better revenues through our branding, marketing, digital and sales consulting practice to boost revenues and market share creating a high-performance organisation for breakthrough financial results.

Peopleist’s unique approach, called Sales Mastery, is based on our experience of the best-demonstrated practices of sales organisations in many industries and regions:


Targeted offerings: Identify and focus on the highest priority customer segments with products and solutions that are bundled and priced for maximum revenue, retention and renewals. 

Optimised tools and procedures: Develop the right cadence for monitoring the results of customer-facing selling efforts in a timely way, and then reinforce it with effective forecasting, lead generation, back-office technology, support and service.

Performance management: Recruit, train and retain high-potential sales teams; track key measures of their performance and motivate them with pay and incentives that reward success on companywide, as well as individual, metrics.


Sales resource deployment: Develop the right coverage model for each customer segment; assign responsibilities and design territories to make the best use of scarce resources.


With this strategy, we have helped companies increase profitability by as much as 25 percent over sustained periods. Results begin to accelerate in the first year, while the full boost typically kicks in over two to three years

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