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This FAQ will help you understand more about Peopleist Business Coaching Certification Program and solve some of

your most frequently asked queries:

Q: How does Business Coaching work in practices?


A: You and Your Business Coach have an initial “Chemistry” meeting to decide if you would enjoy working together and if Business Coaching will help accelerate your success.


If you both want to progress then you will meet on a regular basis, initially to establish your Goals and Action plans and then to ensure you deliver them!


Every meeting ends with a committed set of Actions that you will deliver and your Notion Business Coach holds you accountable to completing them!


Q: Does a Business Coach tell me what to do?


A: No, we assume that you are an expert in your Business.

Your Business Coach will ask you questions, which in many cases, can be the ones that you have been avoiding!


It is often through the process of questioning and your joint discussion that ideas are generated and you will decide what really needs to be done to improve the situation.


This then creates your set of actions. If your Notion Business Coach has specific insights or knowledge to share that might help you (or speed up the process) we will always share them with you.


Q: How long would we work together?


A: This is entirely up to you. Our work is results focused. If you are not getting great results you won’t want to continue!


On average we do talk about a 12-month programme as this is a reasonable time frame in which to see outstanding and sustainable results.

Business Coaching is not a “quick fix” solution. We have clients that have worked with us for over 4 years making continual improvements and others that meet their specific goals after just 3 months.


Q: Are there any guarantees with Business Coaching?


A: Unfortunately the honest answer is No. Here’s why…


Notion's Business Coaching is designed to make YOU more successful and at the end of the day, only you can guarantee that you will do what it takes to make that happen.


If we presented you with the best Tennis Coach in the world to work with, but you never practised tennis between the coaching sessions, you are unlikely to become a world-class tennis player. It is the same with Business Coaching… if you don’t complete the Actions you commit to take, you won’t see the same levels of success.


If we don’t meet your expectations you are free to stop working with us at any time…to date none of our clients have ever stopped a Business

Coaching programme for this reason!


Q: How much does Business Coaching cost?


A: We get daily telephone calls asking us this specific question, and we'd like to ask this question in return...

What price would you pay to GUARANTEE your business success?


Our business coaching programmes can be designed to fit any budget from £40 to £3,000+ a month and are, most importantly, always designed to deliver a significant return on investment (as attested by many of our clients).  We don't hold you to any long term contracts as we believe in working month to month to deliver outstanding value to you in every session.  So price should never be used as an excuse to not take action!


Contact Us

Contact Us

For more information about Peopleist Business Coaching Certification Program, please contact -

Ankit Chamoli




Himanshu Tomar

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